The GM Diet Tips

September 27, 2013

The GM Diet -  TIps

By Amy Greenwald

The GM Diet Tips

  • Think Positive – don’t focus on the negative and stay busy
  • The GM cleanse diet recommends going to a  Medical Professional 1st if you are someone that already deals with other issues
  • Day  Before –   eat more  carbohydrates in preparation and drink a lot of water
  • Week Before – if you’re not a water drinker, ease into drinking more each day the week before
  • Week Before – Plan your menu so that you know you have foods you like
  • Do -Remove tempting treats and other foods from the house that might cause you to go off track
  • Plan and just say No to invitations to restaurants and temptations that will derail your success
  • Encourage and recruit friends and family to follow the GM Diet too
  • Tell people you’re on the GM Diet so they can help hold you accountable and celebrate later
  • If you’re tempted to eat something you shouldn’t, drink a glass of water
  • Be mentally prepared for discomfort like a headache, cravings and general weakness
  • Know the discomfort will go away and is common on the GM diet
  • Don’t Drink Alcohol at any time during your 7 days
  • Do drink lots of water – go for 10 or more glasses per day
  • Buy Ahead – Fresh produce – buy ahead of time to be prepared in sticking to the diet more easily
  • Buy a Blender to make Banana Shakes on Day 4, if you don’t already have one
  • If you have a Blender, get it out and dust it off if it’s not popular in your household
  • Don’t plan to shop on the same day you need certain food
  • Bananas – buy them just a little bit green so that they’re not so ripe by Day 4
  • Remember – Skim milk is recommended, not 2% or whole
  • Vegetarian options can include Soy Milk
  • Day 2 – If you want fruit juice, make it fresh squeezed.  Don’t buy packaged juice boxes
  • Rice – it’s Brown Rice on Day 7. Don’t substitute white rice
  • Exercise – Make sure you don’t neglect this even if it starts with 10 minutes of walking
  • Prepare food ahead or the night before you need it so it’s easier to say Yes when it’s time to eat
  • Rest – Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Don’t choose a week to start that you know is set to fail
  • Do take a break after the 1st 7 days. Don’t immediately start another 7 day GM Diet
  • Lemon – Use this as a way to flavor your water and drink more of it (or Lime)
  • When you feel weak, stop and call someone to divert your attention
  • Keep track of your progress in a journal
  • Celebrate your success and reward good behavior
  • If you get bored, look at our list of fruits and types of vegetables to try something new
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