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September 27, 2013

By Amy Greenwald

The General Motors Diet, also known as the GM Diet, was supposedly designed by the professionals at General Motors to promote the health, wellness, and vitality of General Motors employees in the 1980s. However, those conducting GM Diet reviews unveiled over the years that the roots of the diet actually reside in the 1950s, according to the American Dietetic Association. Dubbed a “fad” diet, GM Diet reviews indicate that it has been helping adherents lose ten to seventeen pounds in a week for decades.

The General Motors diet (which has also been called the TWA Flight Attendants diet, the Sacred Heart Hospital diet, and the Mayo Clinic diet) compels followers to adhere to a strict regimen that includes eating specific foods on specific days. The diet requires a commitment to these daily rules in order to promote efficient and effective weight loss. Foods include an abundance of fruits (including melons, papaya, berries, apples, and mango) and vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, and tomatoes feature prominently). After the first few days, the diet suggests incorporating beef to meet the body’s protein needs. Water, black coffee, unsweetened tea, and cranberry juice are supplementary and are essential to helping the body to cleanse itself.

Inexpensive Weight Loss Plan

The General Motors diet is carefully designed to help dieters lose weight without being hungry or needing to buy into expensive weight loss programs. This cost effectiveness is one of the biggest benefits of the General Motors Diet.

Easy to Follow

Another big benefit of the GM Diet is that, because the diet prescribes specific foods, it is easy to follow. Dieters simply commit to eating the assigned foods (in assigned amounts, in some cases) and following the rules regarding fluid intake and pacing of meals throughout the day. This easy formula has resulted in dieters losing, on average, 10-17 pounds in one week.

Cleanses the Body

Aside from weight loss, the General Motors Diet has an abundance of benefits for the body. Firstly, because the diet ensures so-called “clean” eating (meaning no processed or unnaturally sweetened foods are allowed), it acts as a cleanse for the body. Some call this process “detoxification.”

Resets the Digestive Tract

The digestive tract, which is naturally inclined to process natural foods and struggles to process packaged foods, is given a chance to operate at peak efficiency. This action helps to improve the digestive system, which in turn means the body can absorb nutrients better.

Increases Energy

With the improved absorption of nutrients from the nutrient-rich General Motors Diet, the body has more energy. GM Diet reviews proclaim having sufficient energy not just for daily activities, but also for added workouts.

Reduces Calories

Added workouts, in addition to the restricted calorie intake of the General Motors Diet, help to burn even more calories. Calorie output far exceeds calorie intake, and this results in rapid weight loss.

The General Motors Diet has been used for decades by people of every shape and size. Those who are obese see an immediate weight loss that can jump start their greater weight loss journey. Those looking to lose 10-17 pounds quickly– for an event or for work– will trim their bodies quickly. The General Motors Diet has the added benefits of detoxifying the body, providing sufficient energy, helping to reset the digestive system, and aiding in calorie burning. The fact that it requires no expensive weight loss program or special meals to purchase means that the General Motors Diet is available to everyone. Easy to use and incredibly efficient, the General Motors Diet is one that has been and will continue to be successful.

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