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The GM Diet was created with US Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration for General Motors company in the 1980’s. Developed for the exclusive use of General Motor employees, the secret got out and this simple seven day diet plan is now available to the public.

While General Motors denies they ever developed this diet plan, the effectiveness and results seen with the system are real. By

limiting eating to healthy, non-processed foods, the diet cleanses and invigorates the body. In seven days, it’ll help you lose ten to seventeen pounds, reset your metabolism, and get your body back on track for weight loss.

What is the GM Diet Plan?

This is a seven day plan that restricts eating processed and sugary foods and encourages exercise. Participants should exercise at least ten minutes a day for the duration of the plan while strictly following the eating guidelines.


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What Can I Drink?

Water is highly encouraged on the plan. Participants should drink at least ten glasses a day, fifteen on day five. For a bit of variety, participants can add lime, lemon, or cucumber to their water. Tea and coffee may be consumed without sweeteners and cream or cream substitutes. Fruit juices may only be consumed on certain days.

What Can I Use When Cooking?

Oil can be used in moderation. It’s recommended to restrict yourself to one teaspoon of oil a day. Herbs and spices are unlimited. Add them to whatever you like. For dressing, malt, white, and cider vinegar or vinaigrette are allowed as well as lemon and lime.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Fruit (raw or cooked)Potato, BakedFruitsBananasBeefBeefBrown Rice
WaterButter patVegetablesSkim milkTomatoesVegetablesFruits
NO BananaVegetables (raw or cooked)NO BananaGM Diet SoupGM Diet SoupWaterVegetables
WaterWaterWaterWaterNO Meat
WatermelonLeaf LettuceDay 1 and 2 foodsOnionLean Ground BeefCornPineapple
CantaloupeCabbageBroccoliGreen PepperBeef RoastGreen BeansPeaches
MuskmelonSpinachRomaine LettuceTomatoesBraised Beef tipsKalePears
PapayaCeleryAsparagusCabbageTomatoesRed CabbageBaby Lettuce
KiwiCarrotsGreen PepperCeleryCherry TomatoesBean SproutsRaisins
MangoCauliflowerYellow TomatoCucumbersWhite AsparagusLemon
StrawberryBeetsBlueberrySoy beansRed potatoLime
OrangeCherry TomatoRaspberryLentilsPeasCollard Greens

On all days, consumption of water is encouraged to stay hydrated. Those following the plan should try to drink at least ten glasses of water a day.

What about alcohol?

Alcohol is forbidden during the first week of the diet. Any subsequent weeks spent following the diet allows two alcoholic beverages a week. While hard alcohol is not allowed, beer, wine, and champagne are allowed after General Motors Diet Planthe initial week.

Can Vegetarians and Vegans Use This Plan?

Absolutely! The diet can be altered for vegetarians and vegans to lose weight and feel great. Simply replace the servings of beef with beans and lentils or more brown rice. Soy milk may be used instead of skim. On day seven, vegetarians can consume two cups of brown rice.


How Often Should The Plan Be Repeated?

There is not a set schedule of when to repeat the diet. For those who achieve their goal weight and maintain it with healthy eating, repeating the diet once a season or twice a year may be sufficient to cleanse the body and reset healthy eating habits. For those who use the plan to jumpstart significant weight loss, repeating the diet once a month can be beneficial for eating habits and shedding pounds. Determine your weight loss goals and after the first week, decide what schedule would benefit you most.  

How Can I Succeed?

The best way to stay motivated is to diet with a friend. Get a weight loss buddy to work through the seven days with you. Not only will this keep you accountable but it will encourage and motivate you to finish the full seven days.

What are the Benefits of the GM Diet?

The General Motors diet allows participants to go through a natural cleanse by focusing on fresh produce. Processed foods, sugars, and oils are purged from your body during the seven days and this allows the body Fruit for the General Motors Diet Planto recalibrate itself for weight loss and reduce unhealthy food cravings. While the menu is highly restricted, the simplicity of the rules for each day make following the diet simple for participants.

The system also helps participants lose weight fast. While it is not intended for long term use, losing ten to seventeen pounds in a single week can help dieters gain the motivation to continue their long term weight loss goals. After completion of the diet, participants should crave sweets and processed food less and naturally gravitate to fresh fruits and vegetables for sustenance.

What are the Health Risks?

Like other detoxifying diets, the system may result in lightheadedness, spells of dizziness, and pangs of hunger in the early days. As with all diets, those who are pregnant or suffer from health problems should avoid this program. All others should consult their doctor to see if this plan is right for them.

The diet plan is a highly restrictive seven day plan that leads to amazing results. Even those not looking to lose weight can benefit from the cleansing nature of the seven day diet. By cutting out processed foods and sugars, the body can re-acclimate to the healthy foods it should be eating. For quick weight loss or just a new perspective on eating, try this diet. See an overview of the General Motors weight loss diet program.

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